Creativity win!

Ninja Lessons

Photo by: Pablojinko

This guy knows the number one rule in marketing: the important thing is not the product, it’s the way you advertise it.

Found at: Sainte-Catherine street, downtown.


How many license points that would be?

Photo by: Dan

Photo by: Dan

I’m sure this guy, when he was a kid, cheated in any rollercoaster with a minimum height rule…

Double lol at the guy in the black car who looks like he’s about to fail too…

Thanks to our friend Dan for the pics!

Found at: Corner of Argyle street

“SentrySafe” fail!

Photo by: Pablojinko

Special sale of the day… if you buy one today, we include the scotch tape…

Found at: Costco at rue Bridge

Trespassers beware!

Photo by: Dan

Photo by: Dan

Our friend Dan sent us this crazy pics of a property in Saint-Leonard!!

Apparently dogs are not the best way to keep away trespassers anymore… Let’s give a Mariachi-looking sculpture with his donkey a try… I don’t know about you, but I’d think twice before entering that house…

Found at: Saint-Leonard

We’re back!!

We took a long winter vacation but we’re now ready to get back on track with more and crazier material from MTL!!!

… actually, we’re just lazy and we forgot to update the blog…. but that’s okay, the intention is what counts!!!

Be prepared for all those crazy things that happen… but only in Montreal!

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Photo by: Pablojinko

I always wondered how this things get through the whole factory process. How is that there’s no one single person who says “Mmmm that doesn’t look good to me”?? How can you look in the eyes of the person who designed this kind of things and say: “Good job. man!”

Found at: La Baie, Downton Montreal

A piece of art right in your coffee!

The only piece of art that last just one zip…

Found at: Caffe ArtJava in Montreal